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Crown & Bridges Dubai Treatment

Dental Crowns are prosthetic fixed devices used to fix compromised teeth or used over dental implant or to improve shape, appearance and function of a tooth. Dental Bridges are used to replace the gap left by the missing tooth.

IMPORTANCE: If the crown is not done when recommended the tooth is susceptible to fracture.


1. PORCELAIN FUSED TO METAL: Has a metal core and porcelain on the outside.


Cheaper than ceramic


Esthetics are lesser than ceramic & Porcelain can chip

2. IPS EMAX CROWNS (lithium disilicate): Has a metal core and porcelain on the outside.


Superior esthetics good for the front teeth.


Used for single crowns, veneers and front teeth.

3. ZIRCONIA / CAD CAM CROWNS: milled from Ingots using digital scanners and printers


Very high strength-used for posterior teeth and front bridges 5-10 years, even lifelong guarantee


Less translucency than empress.

4. Other Types of Crowns: Gold, Metal Allay, Acrylic

5. Crowns for Kids: Stainless steel and Polycarbonate crowns

PROCEDURE: The dentist reduces the overall size of the tooth and records impressions and photos of the tooth. These are shared with a dental laboratory. The final crown is fitted in 2-3days after confirming contacts, floss, margins, height, and shade and after consent from the patient. Cementation can be done by Intermediate and Final cements.

Indications For Crowns:

  • Cover Implant
  • Protects after Root Canal Treatment- tooth brittle
  • Fractured tooth
  • Improve shape of tooth
  • Largely filled tooth- tooth crown structure weak

Dental Bridge: Ideally choice for replacing teeth is by dental implant. But the next best choice is by doing a dental bridge. Material of choice can be either PFM or Zirconia like for single crowns. EMAX is not recommended for Bridges.

If not done: The neighboring tooth can migrate into the missing tooth space by rotation, migration, drifting, opposing tooth supraeruption. This will lead to space loss, periodontal problems, disturbed bite and TMJ disorders.