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How The Reality TV Star Arshi Khan got her smile back in Dubai

Dubai: Big Boss fame, Bollywood diva, model, actress, internet celebrity, reality television personality and now the wrestler Arshi Khan was in Dubai last week.

As per Arshi while wrestling practice, she meet with a major injury, when her tooth was broken and she got unbearable pain. But it was a surprise for her when celebrity dentist Dr. Shams Tabrez of Crossroads Dental clinic operate on her and bring her smile back.

Talking to The Brew Arshi Khan said that, there is a rumor back in India that I am in Dubai for marriage, but right now it is a big no. Arshi talked about her marriage plans, her upcoming projects, her passion for wrestling, and her teacher the great Khali.

Arshi accepted that joining politics was her biggest mistake and that politics is not her cup of tea. Reposted from:

Braces Tips & Care Routine

Braces Tips & Care Routine

In the first few days after your child’s braces have been placed onto his or her teeth, the teeth may be tender. This is a normal part of the treatment process, and the discomfort will subside quickly. The good news is that this sensation is an early indication of tooth movement.

  1. Brush Regularly – When it comes to brushing with braces, it’s a good idea to follow the two-by-two plan — brush twice a day for two minutes each time.
  2. Floss and Mouthwash – Floss with a threader or other flossing aid to get in between each tooth and remove food particles the toothbrush may have missed. Then, once they’re done brushing and flossing, remind them to rinse with mouthwash to reach any stubborn areas that might need some extra attention.
  3. Check the Mirror – Once those steps are complete, remind your child to stop and check out their smile in the mirror. They should look closely to make sure there aren’t any stubborn food particles that got left behind or overlooked.


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