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Wisdom teeth removal services in Dubai at Crossroads Dental Clinic


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When we think about Wisdom teeth Removal, most of us see questions hovering over our mind like –

braces services at Crossroads Dental Clinic Dubai

Orthodontics : Braces Dentist Solutions at Crossroads Dental Clinic

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Braces are devices used by a Braces Dentist to align and straighten teeth, to correct bite to improve overall dental health......

Invisalign at Crossroads

Invisalign Dentist in Dubai

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Crossroads Dental Clinic in Dubai provides you services for Invisalign Dentist treatment. We have gold status honoured dentists that make sure you get world-class invisalign solutions.......

Sedation dentistry at Crossroads Dental Clinic

Sedation Dentistry – An Anxiety-free Painless Dentist Experience

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A lot of people would rather endure the torment of a toothache than step foot in a dental clinic. If you consider yourself an anxious patient and are apprehensive about necessary dental treatment.......

Root canal treatment services at Crossroads Dental Clinic

Dental Caries to Root Canal Treatment – Know Before
You Go to Dentist

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There is no need to be worried if your dentist or Endodontist prescribes a root canal procedure to treat a
damaged or diseased tooth. Millions of teeth are treated and.......

Pediatric dentist services at Crossroads Dental clinic

Pediatric dentistry – Child Dental Care

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A pediatric dentist is a dentist that takes care of children from infancy through their teen years.The various treatments that a pediatric dentistry office offer can include.......

Pediatric dentist services at Crossroads Dental clinic

Pericoronitis : Infection Near Wisdom Tooth in Young Adults

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Pericoronitis is a common problem in young adults when a tooth is not fully erupted into the mouth yet. The literal definition of pericoronitis is inflammation of the gum around the.......


Post and Core : Things to know

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A post and core is a type of dental restoration required when there is an inadequate amount of sound tooth tissue remaining to retain a conventional crown. In teeth which are.......


Pulpitis : Reversible or Irreversible

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Dental pulp is the portion of the tooth that has blood vessels and nerves in it. Pulp is the core of the tooth. Pulpitis is an inflammation of the dental pulp and.......


Dry Socket or Alveolar Osteitis

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In normal conditions after extraction of a permanent tooth, a blood clot is formed at the site by granulation tissue, then ......